We have grills available for:
SA 200
SA 250
SA 300

Custom Inserts
   We can do just about any insert you may want, All of our inserts are laser cut, have drain holes in the  hemmed bottom edge. The hemmed edge is important for strength, and  drain holes keep them from rusting out because of moisture and debris.

Grill construction
  Made of 16 ga cold rolled steel, Shorty grills have no flip cap, and made with correct vertical middle bar and 5/16 round stock horizontal bars, all attaching holes are in grill.
       All other grills have the radiator flip cap provided, and heavy diamond mesh , custom inserts are available for an extra charge, Grills have all brackets for attachment.
      Also notice the front top edge of our grills, and that the correct 3/8 flange is there, ours are made just as original , we don't take shortcuts and just weld the insert to the surround, this makes for a  much stronger unit

SA 250inside detail of SA 250Shorty old style grillSA 200 redface with custom insertCustom grill insertSA 200 w/custom insertSA 200 redface with early shorty style insertSA 200 with custom texas insertBlackface grill inside detailRedface inside grill detailCustom insert in shorty grillCustomer requested insert for blackfaceRadiator flip capCustom insertsDetail of drain holes in hemmed lower edge of insertschopped shorty shellpolished stainless grill inserttrio of grills