Information on our doors:

  • All doors have drain holes on bottom edge
  • Available in Carbon or stainless steel
  • Hinge barrels supplied with each pair
  • Same exact construction as originals
  • Available customized to your specs
  • Available for Shorty, SA 200 red and blackface, SA 250, SA 300 with Perkins and Kubota, and Classic 2 (air cooled)
  • Has correct embossed line and laser cut latch slots
Carbon SA 200 Lincoln logo door
Shorty old style door, customized with louvers
SA 200 door, carbon with diamond louver pattern
SA 250 door with company name
Shorty new style (sa200 style) door
Detail of latch slots and embossed bead
SA300 carbon door with logo and customers initials
Detail showing the drain holes in the bottem of the doors
Sa200 6" chopped door, with louvers
Carbon classic 2 door with laser air vents
Classic 2 door
Detail of classic 2 laser cut mesh
Polished stainless steel SA 200 door
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